Friday, January 6, 2017

About that I-Spy...

My blog has been very quiet, right? It's reflective of my holiday season really, the weeks seemed to whisper past. I'm starting the new year with a bit of catch-up, before I can truly embrace 2017 and a quilty goal or two...
I-Spy Cabbage was completed and shipped in time for Christmas, however I missed the OMG Linkup over at Elm Street Quilts! I am so excited that Patty has found a way for people like me to still feel like winner's, lol! This year, she is awarding an entry for goals that do not make the intended finish line.
I hopped onboard Val's I-Spy Charm Swap last year, then added additional 3.5" squares for a 45"x51" finish. The quilt was not planned; I began by making four-patches and came up with a layout from there. Four leftover four-patches are highlighted on the back.
I finished the quilting before I realized I had not put the label on. Just the way I roll lately. Even though I had made one, I ended up writing directly on the light gray area. Terri seemed to like the idea to add all her Grandchildren's names/bd as they come about. So now I need to send her a Pigma...
and what's a Pigma without a zip-pouch? wink wink ;)


TGIFF is at Quokka Quilts this week! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dumpling Zip Pouch

Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild members are swapping zip-pouches tomorrow. There were not many guidelines given, only to avoid holiday themes.
The inspiration came from a 7" piece of the rayon/linen fabric, found in the remnant pile at JoAnn's last week. Noticing it's metallic sheen, I immediately thought of the shiny DMC floss I've had stashed for several month's now.
I stitched slowly, carefully, so as not to snag this floss as I worked, yet the stitchery was finished quickly! I chose one of my favorite Kaffe scraps for the inside PoP
This is the smaller-sized Dumpling Tutorial at Michelle Patterns. I had a couple mental complications and received a bit of seam ripper refreshment training, completely removing the zipper after already notching my curves. I could've avoided all that ripping if only there were a way to open the pouch from the inside lol. I think I turned the darn thing inside out and back again five more times than necessary, but I am still so happy with the result!
BTW, the floss is DMC six strand and I used three strands for the over-sized cross-stitch.

 I am sharing this cutie with Elm Street Quilts Bag It Challenge: Only two more days to enter!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kona Color from Fat Quarter Shop

I tackled another to-do and finally purchased fabrics for two quilts I've been planning.

I need to thank y'all for your advice about selecting Kona colors! I used the Palette Builder at Playcrafts to make mosaics to use as a starting point. I can't say how many email reminders I received that items were left in my cart while I was deciding, lol, but the process took me about a week. Once I got serious with the cart, I set a goal to have the final decisions ready for Black Friday. Sure enough, I received 20% off at Fat Quarter Shop, plus loads of other goodies. We'll save those for a rainy day though, this post is all about the Kona...

First, my Husky palette (University of Washington):
Butterscotch, Bright Periwinkle, Regal, and I picked up four yards of the silver (thanks Libby!). Still need to add some black..

My Mariner's palette! This one was harder and perhaps not finalized.
I like the white better than the silver in this bundle. Otherwise, the two quilts are sharing gray's: Titanium, Graphite, and Steel.
I ordered several blues just to see them before really deciding on Midnight and Nightfall.
Ultramarine is my final 'teal'.

Only three fabrics were culled once I had them in my hands. The blue and yellow uniform, "alt 1", (are they even wearing it I wonder?) A bit of creamed corn might make a good pop, so I will consider it later, but Sunny is not a fit for me.
I really wanted to see Celestial. It is pretty.
The royal there is extra-wide. I was curious if the weight was the same as 44w, and it is..
It will work well with my Sphere leftovers I think..
Two yards of excess is not bad for online shopping I think, but I can see the color card paying for itself if I become a full-on Kona nerd!

I love Fat Quarter Shop, lol, they actually answered their phone the morning of Black Friday and patiently helped me with a gift code. I realized my mistake after we spoke, I was entering incorrectly, but how amazing to have helped me as if nothing was of more importance.

I am off for a bit of ISpy quilting this afternoon, I hope you find some quilty time too@!
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